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Costco Kirkland Dog Biscuits Discontinued

Is Costco Kirkland Dog Biscuits Discontinued? (With Alternatives)

Some people have shared rumors that the Kirkland Dog Biscuits sold in Costco is being discontinued. This is simply not true as they are still around and in business today

People are staying on top of the shady content they find online and avoiding costly scams. The increased number of users on social media makes it very easy to spot suspicious content.

When people are misinformed about a product, that can lead to some shocking decisions made by consumers.

It’s important for businesses to monitor what their customers are seeing online and step in when necessary. This is an example of ways that misinforming consumers can cause problems for establishments.

In this article, we focus on the Costco Kirkland Dog Biscuits and why some people think that the product is no longer available

Why Did People Think That Costco Kirkland Dog Biscuits Was Discontinued?

Amazingly, Costco Kirkland Dog Biscuits has not had any recalls in the past and is loved by many dog owners who have tried it.

There was a recent panic on popular social media sites and forums about the product being discontinued, which led to people believing that Costco would no longer sell it. This is not the case, as there was only a shortage of the product during that time period.

Since the company chose not to disclose any information on their third-party manufacturer, it is hard to know if other products made by them have been recalled in the past.

How Do You Know That A Product Has Been Discontinued?

Online businesses often offer product alerts to their customers while they’re waiting to order. This gives them the opportunity to change their mind, or stick with what they wanted if it’s still in stock.

“Company’s past plans to stop production” is mentioned a lot in company news releases, as well as company blog posts.

A product’s availability depend on the following factors:

  • Products can be purchased through a retailer, a manufacturer, or they remain available for purchase online.
  • It is unreasonable to think that a product has been discontinued just because it hasn’t been announced as such.
  • When a company discontinues an item, they often stop selling it. In order to have enough supply, you can place an order with them so you don’t run out of the item.

What To Do If Costco Kirkland Dog Biscuits Discontinued?

There are many different types of dog food available in the market, each with their own unique ingredients.

It’s important to find a type of food that will provide your pet with the nutrients they need for health & top performance.

Switching foods for your dog can be beneficial even if you don’t notice a difference in their health or behavior.

You might find that they have better chances of digesting certain brands and differ less in taste, making them happy to eat.

Looking for Alternatives

“If you can’t find your favorite type of dog food, it may be out of stock.” This means that they’re not usually on their shelves but similar products might be.

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Check the site of discontinued product manufacturers for discontinued products, check for items matching your needs and order them.

Stores typically remove products from their inventory as soon as it’s sold. New products are introduced to replace the ones that were removed, in order to ensure that customers will always have access to items with the same or similar needs.

New products can often be released at an earlier point in time and are less expensive than their older brethren.

When it comes to buying a product, knowing where it was made may be important. This is especially true when you’re making an investment into a product.

Please review the company’s Privacy Policy so you can keep your personal information safe from theft.

Before you make a purchase decision, it’s important to shop around and think about what you need. Don’t make a snap decision.

With the discontinuation of this product, buying it now could be a good idea. It might become harder to find the item at a cheaper price later down the line.

The current economic situation is making it very difficult for people to find basic commodities to their liking.

Even those that are easier to purchase often have sky-high prices and it can take a lot of time to find them.

When demand for a product goes up, the prices are often increased. This isn’t always the case, and there can be different reasons why a price has to increase – sometimes due to scarcity of supply, or limited availability.

Sometimes they’re hiked up across the board and other times it’s only certain sellers that are able to maintain high margins.

We recommend placing your order now to ensure you’re able to receive this discontinued product before it becomes unavailable

The 5 Best Alternatives To Costco Kirkland Dog Biscuits

Some retailers still sell the brand while others say that the situation has been misconstrued entirely, however.

There are still Costco Kirkland Dog Biscuits on the market, but there isn’t definite evidence to suggest that they’ve been discontinued.

Depending if you have a store nearby or if you’re shopping online, the Kirkland Dog Biscuits may still be available at Costco. While Walmart has them in stock, Amazon has a huge selection.

Many dog owners who need dog food would like to see a variety of brands and flavors available on the market in order to find one that meets their pet’s needs.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Costco Kirkland Dog Biscuits, try these 5 brands instead

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some commonly-asked questions related to Costco Kirkland Dog Biscuits and their answers:

Who manufactures Kirkland dog biscuits?

Kirkland dog biscuits are a popular brand of dog food . They are manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, along with 4health, another private-label brand.

How Much Does Costco Kirkland Dog Biscuits Cost?

The cost of Costco Kirkland Dog Biscuits can vary based on the size of the box. For example, a 15 LB. box cost $35 dollars.

Is Costco dog food made in China?

Costco Wholesale Corporation is currently one of the most popular brands of dog food in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions.


Counterfeit products may have harmful substances and ingredients that are unsafe for your dog. Always make sure the product you buy is legitimate.

We try our best to keep you updated on the status of Kirkland Dog Biscuits in Costco. Sometimes, though, a retailer is out of stock and fails to notify you when they’re back in stock.

If you have trouble finding the product you need online or in person, consider using a different brand.