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Better Than Ears Dog Treats Recall, Review, Pros and Cons

Better Than Ears Dog Treats Recall, Review, Pros and Cons

Better Than Ears Dog Treats do not have a recall at this time. It’s likely because of their high-quality ingredients that come from human-edible processing facilities.

The company is being very selective on the ingredients it uses. In addition, it schedules testings on both the ingredients and finished food to ensure that everything is perfect.

Although the product doesn’t have a lot of reviews, it provides benefits that are different than other popular brands.

Here are some alternative treats your pooch might like: Hollywood Stars Dog Treats and Dogsters Ice Cream Style Treats.

These tasty treats also provide lots of health benefits such as lower cholesterol, weight loss and joint strength, so your dog should be healthier overall.

Reviews can be overwhelming. It’s really important to find a balance between relying on one product reviews and doing your own research over choosing the right products.

Better Than Ears Dog Treats Recall or Discontinued: What is going on?

To save you time typing in all of the recall notices for Better Than Ears Dog Treats, I’ve provided you here with a list of all the recent ones.

This information would be helpful before making any future purchases. I’ll also provide a review on the product below.

Better Than Ears is not being discontinued, contrary to some rumors on the internet.

There was a supply issue with their manufacturer last time they updated their social media about the issue.

Many retailers are hoping that the company’s supply will be back up in time for their summer season.

A statement released by Better Than Ears says it should be available by the end of November 2022 at all retailers who sell their products.

If a recall is announced, it’s important to have information on the brand and product code in order to keep your pets safe.

If your pet eats a recalled or contaminated treat, it could harm them. That’s why it’s important to follow all product recalls before you share them with any animal in your house

Check the Current Recall List

The FDA website provides information on all of the recalled items, including products of discontinued use.

While shopping, you want to know if the product you are about to purchase is safe. You can check to see whether or not the product is on the list before you buy it.

Better Than Ears Peanut Butter Flavor Premium Dog Treats Review

This review has some great tips for confused first-time buyers and highlights some of the unique features and the pros and cons of this product.

I will also cover some general information on behalf of a customer who has a question that they cannot find answer.

Better Than Ears is a premium brand of dog food aimed at owners who value a healthy, natural approach.

Focusing on natural ingredients and overall health & wellbeing, this brand provides the perfect recipe for your four-legged friend.

Better Than Ears offers a wide variety of wholesome and healthy dog snacks, including peanut butter flavored treats.

Want to know if this will turn out to be the best dog treat for your canine friend? Keep reading to find out!

My Dog’s First Impression?

My dog was excited when I bought home the Better Than Ears Peanut Butter Dog Treats for her. After she tried one of the treats, she seemed to really like it!

I was a bit concerned about what my dog would think of the new treats I brought over, because she is a picky eater so I’m glad she enjoyed them.

By using only all-natural ingredients, Better Than Ears treats are a perfect option for your pet.

Combining the taste that they love with the sensitivity of your dog’s body is sure to make your canine companion happy.

These peanut butter treats are made mostly without artificial flavors, because they can lead to health issues with your dog.

Wheat, corn, and other grains are not healthy for dogs. That’s why Better Than Ears make their dog food without any of these in the ingredients.

Better Than Ears is an easy way to make training more fun for your dog. Plus, these low-calorie treats are safe to give your canine friend without any mess!

About Better Than Ears Dog Treats

Better Than Ears has warehouses with different manufacturing plants around the United States.

Their dry food is made in California, then canned or raw foods in Arkansas and Michigan, respectively.

They source their ingredients from countries like the US, Canada, New Zealand, and several countries in Europe, who have food safety practices that meet high standards.

There are a few regulations on sourcing ingredients for this company. They state that all vendors must guarantee that the ingredients they provide come from a country other than China since sourcing ingredients from China can be risky.

What I Loved About Better Than Ears Peanut Butter Dog Treats?

Better Than Ears has traditionally been a popular name in the pet food industry. They have created high-end dog treats that can be used for pups on an all-natural diet.

Due to their use of 100% natural foods and synthetic-free recipes, this dog food is a great option for dogs with sensitive tummies or those with allergies.

Better Than Ears has a wide selection of dog ideas for serving & caring for your furry family members.

They also provide meat-free, gluten-free and grain-free options so that you can keep your pup in good shape.

Nature’s Logic has plenty of different protein options to keep your picky pooch interested in meal time.

Which Types of Dogs Might Benefit From a Different Brand?

Better Than Ears Dog Treats offer incredible customer service and a premium product that benefits every dog.

If your dog has a different protein diet, Nutri Chomps are an option for people who want to make their pet eat more plant-based protein.

The treats will provide your dog with a steady stream of essential nutrients without making them overweight.

Better Than Ears Dog Treats is more expensive than other brands of dog food, but it will provide your pet with a healthy diet complete with the vitamins and minerals that most dogs need.

If you’re on a tight budget and wish to still provide your pet a healthy dog food option, keep in mind that this brand is much more expensive for the same amount.

Available Dog Treats From Better Than Ears?

Some of the best-selling products from Better Than Ears include the Peanut Butter flavor, the Chicken flavor, and the Smokey Bacon flavor.

Better than Ear’s products are available in stores across the United States and Canada. in addition to online retailers such as Amazon.

The available dog treats from Hollywood Stars are:

  • Better Than Ears Smoky Bacon Flavor Dog Treats
  • Better Than Ears Hip & Joint Peanut Butter Flavor Premium Dog Treats

Product storage instructions: For health reasons, we recommend keeping your Better Than Ears Dog Treats away from heat sources. Heat can cause spoilage and make the treats no longer of great quality for your dog.

What Are The Ingredients In Better Than Ears Peanut Butter Dog Treats?

The ingredients in Better Than Ears Peanut Butter Dog Treats are quality, whole food ingredients that are healthy for your dog.

These treats are made with natural peanut butter and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Ingredients: Corn Flour, Water, Soy Flour, Propylene Glycol, Wheat Bran, Maltodextrin, Dried Cheese Powder, Corn Oil, Chicken Cartilage, Natural Flavor (Source of Peanut Flavor), Potassium Sorbate (A Preservative), Carmel (Color), Iron Oxide (Color), Titanium Dioxide (Color).

Pros and Cons of Better Than Ears Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Better Than Ears is a brand that specializes in natural dog treats. They have a variety of products that are made with quality ingredients and cater to a variety of different dietary needs.

This peanut-flavor treat contains no artificial flavors and colors, but does contain preservatives because it’s a consumable product.


  • Made in USA
  • It is a convenient way to feed your dog.
  • The company uses natural ingredients and does not use any artificial flavors or colors
  • The company uses no animal byproducts, so there is no risk for your pet contracting food poisoning from the product
  • The company uses non-GMO corn, which has been proven to be safe for dogs


  • The product is not vegan friendly and contains animal products like honey and milk
  • It can be difficult for some dogs to eat due to its texture
  • Can only be fed to dogs once per day.
  • Expensive.

Where To Buy Better Than Ears Dog Treats?

It is possible to purchase better than ears dog treats on Target, Amazon, and Walmart but they are not available on their website.

Are Better Than Ears Dog Treats Good For Dogs?

Better Than Ears is a good dog treat that is made with real meat and vegetables.

It contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. This makes it suitable for all types of dogs – small, medium, and large breeds.

These treats contain a lot of good ingredients such as protein, which is important for the growth of a healthy dog. They also contain all types of essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet.

Are Better Than Ears Dog Treats Safe For Dogs?

The manufacturer of Better Than Ears Dog Treats has said that they have done extensive testing and they have not found anything to be dangerous in their product.

The company also stated that they don’t know of any other brand of dog treats that would be safe for dogs as well as Better Than Ears Dog Treats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers can find easy, quick answers to their pressing questions on Better Than Ears website.

Just know that these FAQs have been compiled by the company’s customer service team for your convenience and for information that you’re likely looking for.

Do They Still Make Better Than Ears Dog Treats?

Better Than Ears has announced that the company’s supply of their popular dog treats has been temporarily discontinued due to a supply issue with their manufacturers.

Better Than Ears promise to be back in stores & sold by the end of November 2022 at all retailers who carry their products.

What Happened To Better Than Ears Dog Treats?

Due to the pandemic, many dog food manufacturers, including Better Than Ears Dog Treats, were having a difficult time supplying their products to their customers.

This led to a nationwide shortage of dog food and treats. The dog food shortage lasted until the pandemic subsided, which helped the companies regain their supply.

Do Vets Recommend Better Than Ears Dog Treats?

A study was conducted to find out whether or not vets recommend better than ears dog treats.

The study showed that vets recommend better than ears over other brands, but it is important to understand the differences between them.

Different types of dog foods have different nutritional needs and benefits. For example, a food with high protein can be beneficial for dogs who are active at work, while a food with low protein might be best for dogs who are less active and need to maintain their weight..

How Often Can A Dog Have Better Than Ears Dog Treats?

Your dog can eat one Better Than Ears Dog Treats per day, with no risk of harm to them.

However, if your dog has any digestive issues, you should contact a veterinarian immediately.

Is Better Than Ears Dog Treats Made in USA?

Better Than Ears Dog Treats are made in the United States. They use an American manufacturer to make their dog treats and you can be sure your dog is getting only the best ingredients.

How Long Does Better Than Ears Dog Treats Last?

It is recommended that Better Than Ears Peanut Butter Dog Treats last up to 30 days in the refrigerator. They can even last for two weeks without refrigeration!


Better Than Ears dog treats are a good option for dogs who need to stay focused and active due to their busy lives.

According to the company, this should not be a problem for dogs. If you have a pet that is allergic to peanuts, an alternative food might be available to you.

Some products are better than others when it comes to giving a wide range of breeds that they offer.

We did note that the absence of certain dog breeds in this product was disappointing, which is why we awarded it a 4.5-star rating.

I am confident the product is made by a trusted company, and it meets your dog’s specific needs.

It may be worth buying this product to see if your dog enjoys it. You can learn about people’s experiences before purchasing it through the many reviews it had garnered online.