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Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats Recall, Review, Pros and Cons

Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats Recall, Review, Pros and Cons

The Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats do not currently (2022) have a recall pending.

The only recall they’ve had in the past is in relation to one of their products. As such, they are not a brand without any recalls.

The company tests both the ingredients and the finished product to ensure they’re confident that the safety of your pets is top priority.

Purina’s product usually have a lot of reviews online as they are a trusted company and carry lots of benefits that are different than more popular brands.

If you’re looking for something more affordable Better Than ears Dog Treats and Hollywood Stars Dog Treats can provide your dog with the same quality and health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, weight loss and joint strength, etc.

There is really no end to the number of product reviews. It can be overwhelming to go through all of them, so it’s important to find a balance between relying on one product reviews and doing your own research over choosing the right products.

Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats Recall or Discontinued: What is going on?

Here is a list of the most recent recall notices for Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats. You don’t have to type them all in yourself.

Of course you should consider all of your options before getting a product, but for now please see my review on this product below.

In March 2007, Purina Alpo was one of many brands affected by the large-scale recall around Melamine contamination.

The contamination is said to have been found in other brands under the Purina umbrella too.

Melamine contamination happens when unapproved substances are introduced into the makeup of one’s product; these substances can cause pets to be sick and even in extreme cases, cause death.

This is the reason why many US-based pet owners refuse to buy food containing ingredients sourced from China.

The Alpo canned dog food in the variety packs with expiry dates of Feb 1, 2009 and the plant code 1159 was recalled by Purina due to concerns of contamination.

  • Alpo Lean Prime Cuts Beef, product code 11132 00310
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Chicken & Rice, product code 11132 07035
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Beef, product codes 11132 00360, 11132 00461, and 11132 24509
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Beef & Liver, product code 11132 00361
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Chicken, product codes 11132 00362 and 11132 00463
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Turkey Bacon, product code 11132 00363
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Beef Stew, product codes 11132 58800 and 11132 00364
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Gourmet, product code 11132 00469
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Gourmet Dinner, product code 11132 00365
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Beef Bacon Cheese, product code 11132 00366
  • Alpo Prime Cuts London Grill, product codes 11132 58805 and 11132 00368
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Senior Beef & Rice, product code 11132 00210
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Entree Chicken Vegetable, product code 11132 04313
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Beef & Rice, product codes 11132 07031 and 11132 07034
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Lamb & Rice, product codes 11132 07032 and 11132 07033
  • Alpo Prime Cuts Beef Vegetable, product code 11132 08440
  • Alpo Prime Cuts, 8-count variety pack, product code 11132 86222
  • Alpo Prime Cuts, 12-count variety pack, product code 11132 18342
  • Alpo Prime Cuts, 24-count variety pack, product code 11132 25712

The rumors on the internet that Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats have been discontinued are false.

They last updated their social media about this issue 3 months ago but there was a supply issue with their manufacturer.

In the event of a recall, it is important to keep brand and product information handy to avoid any negative outcomes.

There are some times when even the safest of products can pose risks to your pet.

If your animal eats a product that has been recalled or contaminated, they could end up harmed in some way.

It’s important to always be aware of these recalls so that you can follow suit with other animals in your home as well.

Check the Current Recall List

The FDA website will help you track down information about recalled items and products that are no longer in use.

You can check to see if the product you are about to purchase is on the FDA’s recall list before you buy it.

Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats Review

This product review from a loyal customer is filled with tips, highlighting some of the unique features and the pros & cons.

For first-time buyers, it could be helpful to read what this person has to say about their experience.

A customer may have questions that they cannot find an answer to, so it helps to have someone who can write a really great response.

The Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats are loved by many and among the most respected formulas in dog food industry.

Before we get into the Purina Alpo Snaps Recipes, let’s learn more about the brand & its history. Here is what you’ll need to know:

About Purina Dog Treats

By 2001, Purina had been transitioning its operations to being managed by the parent company, Nestlé.

Purina is a relatively large company and depending on the products, they do have some made overseas.

However, they’ve still clearly outlined which ones are manufactured in other countries.

While Purina claims their ingredients are mostly local and sourced in the United States, they don’t specify exactly how many of them or what specific ingredients this applies to.

My Dog’s First Impression?

One day my pup was overjoyed after I bought her a bag of Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats. After having one, she seemed to really love it!

I was worried what my dog would think of the new treats I brought over. Because she is a picky eater, I’m really glad she enjoyed them!

Purina Alpo Variety Snaps contain only all-natural ingredients like chicken, turkey, and beef.

These fresh proteins are mixed with fruits, vegetables and flavor agents for maximum satisfaction.

They’re also a perfect option for your dog because they taste great and have a low level of sugar & fat content that dogs love!

What I Loved About Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats?

People have a lot of varied opinions about the best dog treats for their pets, but most people agree that Alpo Snaps are the best.

But from my perspective, I think these are the best things that i love about Alpo Snaps dog treats:

  • Good texture. These dog treats are thick and have a lot of substance. They don’t break into tiny pieces, which is something that can happen with other types of biscuits.
  • Don’t need to be refrigerated. Alpo Variety Snaps aren’t soft treats. They are far from it. Despite that, they don’t need to be kept in the refrigerator.
  • Easy to digest. One of the many benefits of Variety Snaps is that they include oat fiber. Oats are an excellent source of plant-based carbs and proteins that are beneficial to your pet’s digestive health
  • Made with real liver. Dogs are keen on protein, which provides them with muscle strength. Liver provides a high quality source of protein and is great for their body.
  • Availability. Alpo Variety Snaps are very popular in roughly 45% of supermarkets and 55% of grocery stores. They can also be found at pet stores.
  • Variety of flavors. With a great variety of different flavors and textures, Variety Snaps are the perfect dog treats that never grow old.
  • Loaded with vitamins. The package says the product includes 11 of the most important vitamins for healthy skin and coat.
  • Low cost. Alpo Variety Snaps are a great way to feed your pup on a budget. They only cost $3 for an entire 16 oz. box. This bag is worth way more than what you pay for it, which is great, and it’s also a total steal at that price point!

Which Types of Dogs Might Benefit From a Different Brand?

If you are trying to get your dog to eat more plant-based protein, Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats may not be the best option.

The food your dog will receive from the treats has a lot of carbohydrates. You should keep an eye on your dog’s weight to make sure it doesn’t get too out of hand.

Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats is more expensive than other brands of dog food, but it will provide your pet with a healthy diet complete with the vitamins and minerals that most dogs need.

Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats should not be given to a dog with allergies or sensitive stomach.

If you still want to provide your pet with a healthier alternative dog food, I recommend you try Dogsters Dog Treats.

What Are The Ingredients In Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats?

Purina Alpo Variety Snaps consist of whole & quality food ingredients that are healthy for your dog.

The assortment is designed to ensure each bag offers a varied selection of flavors, textures and nutrient-rich foods with guaranteed high-quality.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Beef Tallow Preserved With Mixed-Tocopherols, Wheat Gluten, Lecithin, Chicken By-Product Meal, Animal Digest (Source Of Liver Flavor), Lamb Meal, Oat Fiber, Mono And Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Garlic Powder, Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1, Yellow 6. I-5051.

Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats: Pros and Cons

Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats are a good choice for your dog. They are made with real meat and are high in protein, which makes them a healthy option to keep your dog happy and healthy.


  • Made in USA
  • They are made in the USA from human grade ingredients, which means they have been approved by the AAFCO.
  • They come with a 30 day guarantee so you can always get your money back if you don’t like them.
  • The dog treats are made with a variety of ingredients that are high in protein, low in fat, and they contain no artificial preservatives.
  • The variety pack includes flavors like beef, chicken, turkey bacon, salmon, and duck.


  • Hard to find in stores
  • It can cause stomach upsets
  • Not Very Effective at removing tartar and plaque

Where To Buy Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats?

These are some of the places where you can buy Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats.

  • Petsmart
  • Petco
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Purina’s Website

Is Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Good For Dogs?

It is possible to feed your dog a variety of food options. However, it is important to make sure that the food you are giving them is not harmful to your dog.

Purina Alpo Variety Snaps are a good option for your dog but you should always make sure that they are healthy and safe for your pet.

Is Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Safe For Dogs?

The company says that the Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats is made with wholesome ingredients and is safe for your dog to eat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs were compiled by Purina’s customer service team for your convenience and to help with your queries.

Do They Still Make Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats?

The answer is yes, and the company has a few different flavors that are popular. One of the most popular flavors is beef and rice.

There are also chicken and rice, turkey and rice, and salmon and rice treats. These treats come in two shapes: long strips or small bites.

What Happened To Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats?

Due to the pandemic, Purina’s supply of dog food was disrupted and many of their customers had difficulty finding it.

After the pandemic, many types of dog treats were no longer in supply, so dog owners had to rely on their other sources of food. The companies reestablished their supply and made it to where they were again.

Do Vets Recommend Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats?

Many vets recommend Purina Alpo variety snaps dog treats because they are easy to digest and provide a healthy diet for your dog.

Purina Alpo is the number one choice for many vets. They are a great option for your pet’s health and happiness.

How Often Can A Dog Eat Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats?

Purina Alpo Variety Snaps are a delicious and healthy treat that your dog will love.

They have no risk of intestinal blockages and can be eaten as often as three times a day.

The Purina Alpo Variety Snaps dog treats are made with wholesome ingredients and are low in fat.

However, they are not recommended for dogs who have a history of pancreatitis or other digestive issues.

The Purina Alpo Variety Snaps dog treats contain a higher percentage of protein than other dog food brands.

Is Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats Made in USA?

Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats are made in USA.

How Long Does Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats Last?

There are multiple benefits to purchasing Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Dog Treats. They last up to 30 days in the refrigerator and even 2 weeks without refrigeration!


To be fair, Alpo is not the absolute best dog food available today. They’re a good, affordable option with a lot of great ingredients but they’re no miracle product.

They are one of the most high-quality brands out there and has a lot of nutritional benefits for your pet.

It also isn’t too expensive and is sold at a lot of different stores for your convenience.

When compared to the other most popular brands out there, Purina Alpo Variety Snaps usually tops our list.

We weren’t satisfied with a couple of things, which is why we were only awarding this product a 4.5-star rating.

I have no doubt that the product I am recommending is from a reliable company.

Purina mentioned on their website that it offers high-quality products for much lower prices.

Yay! Reviews are included with this product to help you decide whether or not it’s worth your time.

You’ll be able to see what people had to say before buying and learn a lot more about whether you’ll like it or not.