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Bocces Bakery Dog Treats Recall, Review, Pros and Cons

Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats Recall, Review, Pros and Cons

The company claims there is no recall on Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats. There is no cause for concern at this point as these rumors are false.

If a product is recalled, it’s important for you to stay informed. Check the company website or social media channels regularly so that you can be informed in real-time when products are being recalled.

The product doesn’t have a lot of reviews online, but there are similar products that have been noted to be healthier choices.

For example, there are two similar products Full Moon Dog Treats and Whimzees Dog Treats that you might want to take a look at.

It is a common experience when buying something new to be overwhelmed by conflicting reviews.

Before making a purchase, always do your own research and never rely on individual feedback.

Now, I will share the full recall notices for Bocce’s Bakery dog treats. This should be helpful for anyone who’s considering purchasing their products in the future.

Additionally, I’ll give you a review of the pros and cons. Let me know what you think!!

Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats Recall

We should always be careful about the brands of dog treats we give our canine friends because many popular brands have had recalls recently. We choose the higher-quality versions so our dogs can live happy, healthy lives.

Update 2018-2019: Bocce’s Bakery makes pet food products for dogs. The company has never had a recall or safety concern, and the treats are safe to give your pet.

Update 2020-2021: There was a recent post on Quora that went viral when nobody could find the Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats.

The company experienced a supply problem with their product. Now that it’s resolved, the product is available online & in stores

Update 2022: A recent article from a fake website stated that Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats was being recalled, but that is not true.

There has not been any official release about the recall, but maybe we’ll wait for more information.

Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats Review

I tried Full Moon Products for my two dogs and found that they were loved by the dogs just as much as they’re loved by me. They have a lot of different flavors and can be fun to experiment with.

I usually wouldn’t buy something without first thinking about it, but there were several factors that made this item appealing to me.

With each of the products, you can be sure that there is unique blend of ingredients, so you know exactly what your giving to your dog in their treat!

Many dog owners are switching to these treats and have found that they have a lot of benefits for their pet.

My Dog’s First Impression?

I was a bit nervous about what my dogs would think of these treats once I brought them home. They’re a bit picky, and these kind of treats can be crunchy, which they like.

So far, the texture and shape of these B-shaped treats seem to be quite similar to those of classic oatmeal raisin cookie sandwich cookies.

It’s a completely smooth, soft and chewy biscuit that has just the right amount of crunch.

It can be broken into smaller pieces and is perfect for dogs who may prefer softer food.

Dogs can be tricky to feed and there’s no need to worry about nutritional deficiencies with these products. They are also super fun for your pup!

Dogs love these treats, and they come in a variety of flavors that make them popular with owners. They’re probably the best way to give your furry friend a positive experience.

Taking care of your dog’s needs is important, but so is putting their needs first. Take the time to consider your dog’s nutritional and well-being, paying particular attention to their requirements and not neglecting them

We are excited to share that Bocce’s Bakery has been so good for our dogs! They look so healthy & are big fans of these treats. This is a way to reward them for good behavior.

This review has answers for some of the most common questions about Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats.

Use it as a resource to help you learn more about the product and make sure you’re as prepared as possible before making an initial purchase decision.

About Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats

Bocce’s Bakery is a company that specializes in all kinds of dog treats. They have a variety of flavors and textures that are sure to please your pup.

Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats are made with only the finest ingredients and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors.

They are made with wholesome ingredients like honey, eggs, oats, grains and vegetables. So you know you’re giving your pup the best!

Bocce’s Bakery started out as a small bakery located in New York City. They now have an online store for their customers to enjoy as well as more room for their expanding line of products.

Which Types of Dogs Benefit From Bocce’s Bakery?

This treat is made with fresh ingredients that will benefit your dogs health, including ingredients which help to remove tartar build-up, freshen their breath and encourage healthy eating.

It is a product that’s suitable for all breeds of dogs and can be a good choice at any stage in your canine companion life.

For sensitive pups, getting rid of their food allergies is a huge relief. This treat takes care of all the ingredients that could give your dog a reaction, and it’s perfect for allergy-prone dogs too!

Some dogs may also have a harder time destroying these dog treats. However, dogs that find different brands easier to destroy were found to consume more treats in general and spent less of their time in the process.

Bocce’s Bakery has many different products that provide different experiences. Think about the details of your choices before you make them so you can be certain you are getting exactly what you want.

Be careful with your dog treats and always look out for them. As with all products, smaller dogs could end up choking on these items, who appears harmless at first glance.

This product comes with potential risk of choking from ingesting small pieces. Your dog might be interested in the taste and possible health benefits, but there is also a possibility that these will not be beneficial for your dog.

Which Types of Dogs Might Benefit From a Different Brand?

Although this product may not be the best choice for some pets, it will most likely suit the needs of most dogs.

If you’re going to buy a new item, you should look at the reputation of the manufacturer or retailer before purchasing. This will help ensure that you get the best value for your money.

It’s best for your dog to eat Bocce’s Bakery Treats when he or she is between nine and twelve months old.

Most treats are safe for dogs, but you should always check with your pet’s doctor before giving them anything new to eat.

Unfortunately, there are certain types of treat that are hard for dogs to digest, so we need to make sure they have access to water as well. We should also avoid giving small pieces of these types of treats

We recommend you try Himalayan Dog Chew instead, because they have a softer texture than other dog treats, they are much easier to digest and safe for dogs with sensitive teeth.

Available Dog Treats From Bocce’s Bakery?

They offer a variety of treats. Treats for anxiety, treats for inflammation, grain-free treats and jerky are just a few that can be found available in their store.

Everything was very affordable and suited to meet everyone’s needs. They have a great range of products and are well-established in the market.

The available dog treats from Bocce’s Bakery are:

  • Bocce’s Bakery Birthday Cake Dog Treats
  • Bocce’s Bakery All-Natural, Everyday Dog Treats
  • Bocce’s Bakery All-Natural, Dailies Dog Treats
  • Bocce’s Bakery Basic Wheat-Free Dog Treats
  • Bocce’s Bakery All-Natural, Daily Support Dog Treats
  • Bocce’s Bakery The Scoop Shop Menu
  • Bocce’s Bakery The Small Batch Menu
  • Bocce’s Bakery All-Natural, Grazers Dog Treats
  • Bocce’s Bakery Oven Baked Cheese
  • Bocce’s Bakery Protein Bones Jerky Treats
  • Bocce’s Bakery All-Natural Seasonal Halloween Dog Treats
  • Bocce’s Bakery All-Natural, Seasonal, Reindeer Fuel Dog Treats
  • Bocce’s Bakery All-Natural, Seasonal, Red Velvet Valentines Day Dog Treats
  • Bocce’s Bakery All-Natural, Seasonal, Frankensnacks Dog Treats
  • Bocce’s Bakery All-Natural, Seasonal, Ghost Bites Dog Treats
  • Bocce’s Bakery Bac’n Nutty Soft & Chewy Dog Treats
  • Bocce’s Bakery Peanut Butter Pie Dog Biscuits

Bocce’s Bakery has a wide selection of dog treats that are natural, tasty & healthy.

They even have flavors for specific dogs, so you can find out which is perfect for your pet.

Product storage instructions: Do not put your Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats in a hot place exposure to direct sunlight light can cause the product to mold and spoil quickly.

What Are The Ingredients In Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats?

At first I figured there must be something wrong with them (as in full of horrible ingredients), but upon checking out the list I was amazed to see there are only five ingredients.

Bocce’s Bakery Monster Munch Treat Ingredients:

  • Oat Flour
  • Peanut Butter
  • Blueberries
  • Coconut
  • Cinnamon

Bocce’s Bakery offers a range of protein-rich dog biscuits that are 100% natural, non-GMO, and antibiotic and hormone free.

Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats: Pros and Cons

Bocce’s Bakery makes a variety of organic treats that are popular among dogs. This helps to ensure there are no harmful preservatives or even chemicals in the foods and vice-versa.

Most importantly, they contain ingredients from the U.S., which is the point of their focus on quality ingredients.

Pros of Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats:

  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to digest and nutritious for dogs
  • They are more affordable than other brands of dog treats.
  • They are made with high quality ingredients.
  • They have a wide variety of flavors for dogs of all ages and tastes.
  • The treats are sold in stores nationwide, which makes it easy for your dog to get one when you’re away from home.

Cons of Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats:

  • The packaging is not as good as other brands, which can make the treats harder to open and less appealing to your pet.
  • There is a lot of sugar in these treats, which can be bad for dogs with diabetes or those who need to limit their sugar intake.

Where To Buy Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats?

You can buy Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats from a variety of places for your pet, including local pet stores and online shops like Walmart, Target, Amazon, Chewy and the Bocce’s Bakery website.

Are Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats Good For Dogs?

Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats are a good choice for dogs. They have natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals, and low in calories, which makes them a healthy option for dogs!

They also come in a variety of flavors to choose from so your dog can always find the one they like best.

Are Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats Safe For Dogs?

A warning about Bocce’s Bakery treats for dogs. They are safe for most puppies, but if your dog is a really small breed you should definitely watch them carefully.

It’s critically important to know the risks associated with giving your pet a treat before doing so, especially if they happen to be highly digestible.

Treats often come in small pieces and are therefore more likely to get stuck on their way down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bocce’s Bakery has compiled FAQs that are useful to customers. These are available for you below.

WhoOwns Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats?

Bocce’s Bakery is a popular brand of dog treats all over the globe. They are made in the United States and distributed worldwide.

Sisters Andrea and Natalia Tovar founded Bocce’s Bakery in 2010 as a company to share their love of dogs with the world.

The recipe they started out with is a simple 5-ingredient basic dog biscuit. It’s easy to create, as well as being very flavorful!

Do Vets Recommend Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats?

A vet says that Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats are good for dogs with sensitive stomachs and allergies.

These treats can have a positive impact on your dog’s physical, mental, and behavioral health. They come in a variety of flavors and are affordable and easy to find.

Are Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats A Choking Hazard?

Yes, Bocce’s Bakery is a dog biscuit that can cause choking. If your pet is larger in size, they’re not recommended

Monitor your dog and make sure they’re getting enough water. It can help prevent them from choking on their treats.

Is Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats Made in USA?

Bocce’s Bakery makes a variety of healthy, natural & unique baked dog biscuits that have nothing artificial about them. They only use quality ingredients to make their products.

Do Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats Need To Be Refrigerated?

The short answer is no, Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats do not need to be refrigerated.

However, if you are in a hot climate and your dog’s treats have been sitting out for an extended period of time, then it might be a good idea to put them in the refrigerator.


We hope you found this review helpful! These products are good options for pet care.

They can reduce plaque build-up and tartar, making your pet’s breath smell fresher.

I’m pretty satisfied with these because they’re not hard on him and my vet says he’s been doing great on them.

I never knew that I would be able to get all the answers I need for my dog in one place.

Now I know what things to do next- go down to the store and buy some Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats!

I highly recommend trying the new Monster Munch. You won’t be sorry and I cannot wait to order some new varieties of treats and see how my dogs react to them.

I feel very confident that i can find a product that meets my dog needs & is made by a company that i can trust.

The best thing about this organic, gluten-free product is that you get so many flavors to choose from.

Some of the reviews & ratings on review sites have been favorable, so it’s worth giving it a try for yourself.