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Do airports sell pet carriers

Do airports sell pet carriers?

Most U.S. airports sell a pet carriers for your dog to board your flight, but only two of the major ones are still selling them: JetBlue and Southwest

Yesterday, AirTran discontinued their pet carrier service. United Airlines still offers hard-sided carrier options for their customers when sending cargo.

Alaska Airlines used to sell in-cabin pet carriers at some point at its ticket counters. However, this practice is no longer occurring.

JetBlue’s in-cabin pet carriers

JetBlue’s new carrier is not only lightweight, but also less expensive than the competition. How much does it cost? $50 per unit.

The specification of this JetBlue pet carrier is as follows: it weighs 2 lbs. and measures 16″ long x 8-1/2″ high x 10″ wide.

The carrier comes with zippered openings on one end, on the side, and at the top. It also has mesh ventilation panels for maximum breathability and a carrier’s top so you can see your pet through the mesh when he’s at your feet.

JetBlue gives some recommendations for how large a carrier needs to be to take on your flights.

A carrier that’s about an inch or two shorter than your pet’s height at the shoulders is what they recommend.

When traveling with a JetBlue-sized carrier, there are certain breeds that you would need to get because they only fit smaller dogs.

JetBlue is our airline of choice whenever traveling with my dog domestically or internationally because it’s one of the airlines that allows you to travel with your pet.

For frequent travelers, United, Southwest, and Virgin America are also great options. They’re also similar to JetBlue.

My dog weighs about 13 lbs. and is 12″ tall, 16″ at the nape of her neck to the base of her tail. She usually travels in a large SturdiBag carrier which is 18 L x 12 H x 12 W Inches.

On a JetBlue A320, the under-seat space for pets is short. The best seats for a traveler with a pet on this plane are restricted to those who have an under-seat space of 10 inches or 11 inches tall.

The SturdiBag is one of the most flexible pet carriers you can buy. It has no rigid panels or corners that tend to restrict mobility, and its top can be inclined downward to fit a variety of dogs so they can sleep while still staying inside (even if your dog doesn’t like to have their head hanging over the top).

Southwest’s in-cabin pet carriers

I was initially hesitant about how much I liked the Southwest pet carrier that they sell, but then I discovered that it had been drastically improved.

They have updated the design to a much more pleasing one and overall, it’s much better than what I had originally thought.

Measurements: 18.5-L (width of the box), 13.5-W (width of the top section), 8.5-H (height) and 2 inches over 10.5-inch height to gusset at top. Cost: $48

Animals like to stay cool and one of the carrier’s panel windows is a pet-friendly window, allowing you to see your dog even from the top of it.

This pet carrier is a good size for your dog, about an inch and a half wider than the one my dog is usually in, and longer too.

If you only fly on Southwest airline and your dog is a little bit smaller, you can use their pet carrier which is great.

Since we fly on other airlines, I prefer the extra inch and a half of height my dog’s SturdiBag provides. Quality is important to me, and I like that this bag meets my needs.

Southwest Airlines has been reported to have 8.5″ of under-seat headroom, but their actual travelers have recorded a higher average of 9.1″. The Southwest carrier may not fit on other airlines because it’s too wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Airports that sell pet carriers are a great way to travel with your dog. They offer a wide selection of carriers and have many different types of options.

Here are some frequently asked questions about airports that sells pet carriers:

Q: Are airports that sell pet carriers allowed to transport my dog?

A: Yes, they are allowed to transport your dog. They will provide you with the proper papers and paperwork so that you can fly with your pet.

You will also be required to sign a waiver stating that you understand the risks associated with transporting your animal in an airport environment.

Q: How do I know if my carrier will fit my pet?

A: The best way to determine if your carrier will fit your pet is by measuring the length and width of your dog from head to tail.

If you have any questions about your carrier’s size, contact the airline directly before traveling with your dog.

Airlines have started to sell pet carriers at airports. They are a great way to transport your pets during travel.

Q: Is there a limit on how many pets can be transported in the carrier?

A: Airlines have not set any limits on how many pets can be transported in the carrier. However, they do recommend that you make sure that your pet is small enough to fit into the carrier.

Q: Is it safe to fly with your dog without a carrier?

A; Yes, you can fly with your dog without a carrier if you follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure your dog is healthy and up-to-date on all vaccinations.
  • Make sure your pet is in good enough shape to handle the travel and the flight.
  • Don’t leave them alone for too long before the trip.

Q: What is the largest pet carriers you can take on a plane?

A: The largest pet carrier you can bring on a plane is 17.5 x 12 x 7.5 inches. Some airlines limit the amount of space that you can use to bring your pet. It’s best to check if your carrier meets those regulations and is able to travel as cargo.

Q: What size pet carriers will fit under an airline seat?

A: The size of the carrier that fits under an airline seat will depend on the size of your pet. There are two main types of carriers: hard-sided and soft-sided.

The hard-sided carriers are more durable and can withstand rougher handling, but they’re also bulkier than the soft-sided carriers.


The answer is yes. Airports sell pet carriers for a variety of reasons, the most obvious being to make money.

Airlines charge a fee to take your pet on board with you, and this fee is usually anywhere from $25-50.

However, it’s not just airports that sell pet carriers – most major retailers like Target and Walmart also carry them in their stores.