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Pork Chomps Recall, Review, Pros and Cons

Pork Chomps Dog Chew Recall, Review, Pros and Cons

It turns out there is no truth to the rumors that Pork Chomps Dog Chew was been recall recently in 2022.

I will give you a detailed report of all the recall notices for Pork Chomps and will provide a detailed review of the pros and cons.

Facts: The recall notices were sent for the Premium Pork Chomps Roasted Twists Dog Treats last year in 2021. But currently the product is widely available to purchase at all major retailers.

If a recall is issued, you should check with your retailer or visit the website to find out more information

There aren’t many reviews or information about this particular product. For now, you can check out other products like Himalayan Dog Chew and Whimzees Dog Treats to see what else is available to help keep your dog healthy.

With so many mixed opinions on this product, it’s important to do your own research before making a purchase.

Has Pork Chomps Dog Chew Been Recall?

A fake news article stated that Pork Chomps Dog Chew was being recalled. However, the company is still not currently (2022) recalling any products.

Pork Chomps product line is still safe to use. It’s important to remember that anything you see online can end up being fake news.

However, back in 2021, there was a recall notice for one of their products, Premium Pork Chomps Roasted Twists Dog Treats. Let’s take a look below for more information.

UPDATE 4/14/21: Pork Chomps said that they were alerted to a petroleum-based toxin in their chews after the company received a call from Poison Control.

Their quality control department is now testing the snacks through their ingredient suppliers and distributors to find where the error occurred.

UPDATE 4/9/21: Pork Chomps is recalling every product that shipped from the same lot of its tainted treats.

Chewy found out that the lot was just arriving at the manufacturing plant about a few days before shipment.

Chewy has also pulled and recalled all Pork Chomps treats from that lot from their warehouse. They are still waiting for the official results from Poison Control.

UPDATE: Lot # DT010

Why Are Pork Chomps Out Of Stock Everywhere?

In 2019 there was an outbreak of salmonella. There’s a link between it and pig ears products for pets.

An outbreak in contaminated dog treats led to 40 people being hospitalized in 13 states during that time.

It’s been revealed that not only are the treats harmful to your dog, they’re also dangerous for those who have them.

Following this outbreak, there was a recall on many dog treat products which had let to many going out of stock.

One product line that was not out of stock everywhere was Pork Chomps, as its range of products offered something for every breed of dog.

There is no evidence to suggest or include that any Pork Chomps products were contaminated during this unfortunate incident.

Pork Chomps Dog Chew Review

Your dog is a member of your family & deserves to be treated well. However, you may find yourself asking some questions about what to feed your dog – like ‘Is this product safe for my pet?’ or ‘Is this food healthy?’

We all love our pets and want to provide them with the best care. It’s very important to take care of your animals on a moral level and never neglect their nutritional needs.

I’m a big fan of the Pork Chomps brand and I wanted to share my experience with this new dog chew.

The Pork Chomps Dog Chew is a great product for dogs who love to chew on rawhide-free beef.

Because my dog gets so excited, I love to surprise her with treats and toys from time to time recently i purchased a box on Amazon.

When a box from Pork Chomps arrived at my doorstep, My dog Jesse got really excited when I opened the box and she saw that there were treats inside.

Jesse went on to act excited and happy and tried to “shake” my hand over and over again in hopes that I would give her a treat.

After consuming her treat, she experienced such extreme joy that she ran around in circles.

After making her way back to me though, she immediately began asking for more – “More! More! More!” LoL

Because I had never seen Jesse so taken with one of Premium Pork Chomps, I decided to do a little bit of research to see what sets them apart from the other brands.

What Sets Pork Chomps Apart From the Rest?

It turns out pork chomps are made from a high-quality, all-natural baked pork skin that dogs love to gnaw on.

Pork Chomps Dog Chew is an easy way for you and your dog to get in on the fun of chewing on healthy, natural porkhide!

The company makes sure that their products are safe for dogs to eat and they have been tested by a third-party lab.

The product has mixed reviews online with many people praising the product for its taste but also noting that that rawhide is terrible for your dog’s digestive system.

Rawhide, which is known for being difficult to digest, can cause blockage of your dog’s digestive tract and lead to a lot of unwanted gassiness when chewed.

This problem can cause your dog a lot of discomfort and could result in surgery if not treated by a vet.

What Are The Ingredients In Pork Chomps?

Pork Chomp products were shown to digest at a rate of 99.9% in comparison to rawhide which only digested 50-85%.

The Ingredients contain: Pig Skin, Dextrose.

Nearly 9/10 dogs prefer the flavor of Pork Chomps over beef rawhide. It’s made with expanded baked pork skin instead of beef, and it has received a lot of positive feedback for being high in protein with a soft, unique taste.

Beef rawhide is tasteless and has to have flavoring. Pork skin has natural flavors that can be tasted.

Pork Chomps are a great option for giving your dog a tasty snack, and make it healthier as well.

As long as you provide plenty of water for them (along with other dietary changes), they can benefit in many ways.

It’s impossible for your dog to not to love a pork chop. With so many varieties available, you can give your doggo one that is perfect for them!

I want to make sure that Jesse is getting all the care & attention she needs. Because of this, I fully endorse Pork Chomps Products.

Every time I give a Premium Pork Chomp to Jesse, I feel good about what I’m doing.

Not only is she happy with the taste but her digestive system remains healthy when she’s eating!

Available Dog Chews From Pork Chomps?

Jesse likes Premium Pork Chops very much as they include three different flavors: Rollz, Knots, and Chicken Wrapped Twistz, which she finds all mouth-watering.

ROLLS: Most pups love Pork Chomps Rolls, which are offered in a variety of flavors that may have your dog’s tail wagging! These rolls come in a range of sizes so they’re perfect for small dogs or big ones.

Twists: Your dog will love the new Twists! They’re made of baked pork skin, have strong flavor and can be used with almost every canine. And they’re perfect for most size dogs, that’s a win-win!

KNOTS: Pork Chomps Knots are loved by dogs as a healthy, safe and delicious treat. They come in varied flavors from sweet to savory to help you find the perfect flavor for your best friend!

It’s really interesting to see the happiness in Jesse’s eyes when she eats these a variety of pork treats like Twistz and Rolls, Crunchy Bones, Chipz and Stripz, Knotz and Earz, etc.

Pork Chomps Dog Chew: Pros and Cons

Pork Chomps Dog Chew is a natural, safe option for your dog’s diet. It also has some cool benefits (like making your dog’s teeth white and shiny) but it does have some pros and cons that we’ll discuss below.


  • Their texture is soft and not hard like other chews, so they don’t hurt your dog’s teeth.
  • They are low in calories, so you can give them to your pet without worrying about them getting fat.
  • Pork Chomps are made from 100% natural ingredients, which means there is no preservatives or artificial flavors in the product.
  • They come in different flavors to suit your pet’s taste buds


  • Some dogs may have allergies to the product or the ingredients inside it.
  • Other dogs may find this type of product too tough for their teeth or gums, causing them pain or discomfort.

Is Pork Chomps Good For Dogs?

We know that you want to give your dog a treat that is good for their digestive systems keeping them healthy while tasting delicious.

Pork Chomps are a good fit for dogs. These are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain no rawhide–just great taste!

Pork Chomps are baked instead of fried and are completely digestible for your dogs. The product is 99.9% digestible in 24 hours.

Are Pork Chomps Safe For Dogs?

Although they’re easy for dogs to eat, do not buy pork Chomps as a component of your dog’s diet because they decompose quickly and can cause further health issues.

I recommend that you always watch your pet while they have a piece of dog chew. Anything can happen when a large chunk gets caught it his throat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pork Chomps have some FAQs that were compiled with responses from their customers. These are available for you below.

How Often Can A Dog Have A Pork Chomp?

Adding too many chews or treats may upset your dog’s tummy. Pork Chomps have a 99.9% digestibility rate and should only be given once a day.

Are Pork Chomps Healthy?

Pork Chomps has swift digestion and is a safer alternative to rawhide. It also produces less of an odor, which will keep your dog safe from what could be harmful substances left in the food.

Do Vets Recommend Pork Chomps?

Pork chomps are recommended by veterinary practitioners because they don’t use rawhide as their ingredient, which is much safer for dogs.

Can You Give Pork Chomps To Puppies?

Most people associate rawhide with hard, brittle chews for dogs. But by including Pork Chomps in your pet’s diet, you can lessen the dangers of potentially harmful chews.

These picks promote healthy teeth & gums and are hypoallergenic- perfect for puppies!

Where Are Pork Chomps Made?

All Pork Chomps are made at a state-of-the-art facility in Vietnam. It is inspected & certified by GFSI.

GFSI is a certification agency which identifies plants & factories through an inspection process just like that of humans.

They help you maintain a high quality & safe food chain by ensuring all the necessary standards are met.


As dog lovers, we also know you’re looking for a product that meets your criteria.

Not only is this product full of protein, but it’s also surprisingly delicious! Pork Chomps is an excellent choice for your fur baby.

Pork Chomps offers a variety of dog chews that are perfect for every canine friend. They can be found in numerous flavors, sizes and more!