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Babyltrl dog harness instructions

Babyltrl Dog Harness Instructions

Important Keep the Babyltrl Dog Harness Instructions Manual For Future Use: read all instructions before assembling and using your Harness.

Failure to follow each instruction can result in serious injury or death to your dog. Keep instructions and review them before attempting new walking positions.

Thank you for buying the Babyltrl Dog Harness.

You can follow the steps below, or watch a video demonstration with instructions on how to put the Babyltrl Dog Harness on your dog.

• Before using this product, read and follow all of the instructions and warnings. Do
not use this product if your pet is aggressive or is prone to aggressive behavior.
Aggressive pets can cause severe injury and even death to their owner and others.
If you are unsure whether this product is appropriate for your pet, please consult
your veterinarian or a certified trainer.
• It is vitally important that you and your pet remain safe while learning on-lead
training. You must also be physically strong enough to restrain your pet when he
tries to chase.
• Not for tie-out use.

Babyltrl No-Pull Dog Harness Fitting

  1. Putting on
  2. Open snap buckle.
  3. Place RIGHT hand over harness label on B strap.
  4. Face your dog and place B strap over his head and onto his back. The label will be on your dog’s left side.

Strap Adjusting Order

  1. for Side Ring Position:
  2. Back Strap
  3. Girth Strap
  4. Chest Strap(s)
  5. Do not check Chest strap fit with your hand.
  6. Focus on Side Ring position and adjust Chest
  7. strap slightly – if at all.

Safety & Comfort:

At first, and for high stimulus environments, clip leash to
TOP of ring on harness and to ring on collar.

• Prevents harness shifting against front legs.
• Safety for unexpected behaviors.
• Prevents too much load on the chest strap.
• Prevents chewing the chest strap while walking.

• Not for restraint. (avoid pulling leash
• Not for use as a tie-out.
• Not for use as a car harness.
• Not for on-leash running. Possible rubbing
and chafing.
• Do not leave on puppies.
• Long and retractable leashes are not
recommended.(clip leash to both the
harness and a collar)

• Use correct size according to girth
• Do not leave on dogs around children without
• Nylon webbing should not be used in water;
absorbs water and stretches.
• Always inspect the harness for possible
• Make sure the snap buckle is closed.
• Snap buckle is placed low to prevent
shoulder irritation.

Prevent Strap Chewing:
Dogs chew for relief from pressure. When your
dog lies down, check that Chest strap does not
cause pressure over shoulders.

Cleaning The Babyltrl Dog Harness

  1. Secure all buckles and remove any spare items such as bladders
  2. Hand wash in warm water, mild soap*
  3. Rinse thoroughly
  4. Hang dry
  5. Spot clean with a gentle brush or rag with soapy water

Restraint-Free Methods

Always clip leash to TOP of leash ring. To gain the full benefits, use our harness first as a
training tool with treats. Our restraint-free methods–called Touch Guidance™– gradually give your
dog body cues (sensations) for guidance without stress or discomfort.

Babyltrl Dog Harness Instructions
2 Turn around and lead your dog forward with tension on the
leash (pulling upward). Reward with a loose leash and treats.
Babyltrl Dog Harness Instructions
1.Face your dog.
Babyltrl Dog Harness Instructions
3.Pull gently upward (not backward) to slow your dog down.
Reward with a loose leash and treats.