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Halti No Pull dog Harness Instructions

Halti No Pull Dog Harness Instructions Manual

IMPORTANT: Please read the instructions thoroughly before assembling and using the Halti No Pull Dog Harness.

Failure to follow instructions or directions in regards to your dog, especially with regard to walking positions, can cause extreme harm. Always check the instructions for each position before continuing on.

Thank you for buying the Halti No Pull Dog Harness.

The following instructions can be followed or you can watch a video of how to put the Halti No Pull Dog Harness on your dog.

Before Using The Halti No Pull Dog Harness

Please be sure to follow all of the instructions and warnings in the user manual. Do not use this product if your pet is aggressive or has any other form of behaviour where aggression is involved.

  • Aggressive pets can be dangerous and cause severe injuries to their owners. If this product is not right for your pet, please ask your vet or a certified trainer.
  • On-lead training is an important part of a pet’s life, but you have to make sure to remain safe and that your pet has been taught from a young age what the rules are.
  • It is vital that you do not let your pet get away from your control during any training sessions.
  • Not for tie-out use.

How To Put On Halti No Pull Dog Harness

  • Move the slider near the ring at the top of the leg straps and hold the harness with the chest piece facing you.
  • Then place the neck and leg straps over your dog’s head and lift the dog’s front feet through the leg straps.
  • Adjust the padded leg sleeves and the neck strap so that they fit comfortably. Move the leg strap slider back down so it’s 5 centimeters above the guide rings.
  • for stronger dogs or stubborn pullers. Use both front and back rings with a double.
  • for smaller dogs. You can use a single strap lead connected to the back ring only.
  • The no-pull harness provides a unique combination of two noble features to ensure even the strongest pullers can be quickly trained to walk nicely on the lead.

Washing The Halti No Pull Dog Harness

  1. Make sure all buckles are secured and if you have any extra luggage, store it separately.
  2. Hand wash in warm water, mild soap*
  3. Rinse thoroughly
  4. Hang dry
  5. Spot clean with a gentle brush or rag with soap & water for best results.

How Should a Dog Harness Fit?

When choosing a dog harness, consider the different types available to you. There are many features and benefits you may want to look for in a product, such as how tightly it fits around your pet’s body and how comfortable it is for them.

To make sure the Halti stays with your dog, make sure it is snug enough and that it attaches to their chest

Your dog needs the perfect fitting harness, it should be comfortable but not too tight, so that your dog cannot escape. Your dog should have at least 2 fingers of space between the harness & themselves for comfort.

Signs Your Dog’s Harness Isn’t Fitting Right

A harness for your dog can be an important part of your daily routine. It is often you who forgets about the importance of this item, but make sure to keep it in mind so that you are able to ensure your dog’s safety!

When purchasing a new harness for your pet, it’s important to make sure the following items are checked off: is it firm and easy to put on/take off? Is the strap comfortable? Is it too tight or too loose? If you notice any of these signs, chances are your harness is too small.

  • If the harness feels too tight around your dog neck it might not be positioned properly and so you will want to adjust it until you find a comfortable position that fits.
  • The straps are either too short or too long
  • It seems rough to the touch
  • Putting on or taking off is difficult.

There is a variety of dog harnesses that could help your pup and you. A lot of them come in different sizes, fit and cause less strain on your dog’s neck than a traditional collar.

Choosing the right one can make walking with your furry friend more enjoyable while also preventing injuries.

You should avoid wearing a tight bathing suit if you’re only going for a swim. If this is all you have available.

From your dog’s perspective, it isn’t worth wearing their uncomfortable harness in exchange for just going on a quick walk.

Halti No Pull Dog Harness Size Chart

The Halti No Pull harness Size Chart is to help you find the right size for your dog. It includes all the measurements of the harness and their corresponding sizes

For anyone looking to buy a new dog harness, this chart can help! The size of the harness will depend on the height, weight, and girth of your pet.

Halti No Pull Harness Size Chart

Why a Proper Fit Matters

Harnesses for dogs can come in a variety of styles and users must consider how best to fit their dog for the optimal experience.

However, this also comes with a fair share of difficulties. For example, these devices can cause short-term medical problems if not fitted properly.

For a dog’s joints, bones, and muscles to be healthy, it is important that they are able to move freely. A restrictive harness should not be used as it can lead to unnecessary stress

Safety & Comfort Tips When Dog is Wearing Harness:

Wearers of harnesses may feel more comfortable and safer during walks by following some safety and comfort tips when their dog is wearing one:

• Safety for Unsafe Behaviors

• Not for restraint. (avoid pulling leash backward)

• Not for use as a tie-out.

• Not for use as a car harness.

• Not for on-leash running. Possible rubbing and chafing.

• Do not leave on puppies.

You Should Always Use a Harness Over a Collar When Walking Your Dog.

A dog harness is an item that can be used for a variety of different pet types. They are great for training dogs and are also effective in stopping your pup from pulling while they pull on their leash or escape.

If a dog is not led properly by the collar, it can block its throat and cause breathing problems.

Harnesses are a great way to make walks with your dog more comfortable as well as providing increased safety if you’re walking older or fragile dogs.


Halti understand that not every dog is the same size, which is why they have designed their No-Pull Harness to be adjustable and fit any pup from a min weight of 14 lbs to 250+ lbs!