2 Hounds Design Harness Instructions

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Hounds Design Harness Instructions

2 Hounds Design Harness Instructions

IMPORTANT: Please read all the instructions in this manual before assembling and using the 2 Hounds Design Harness.

Failure to follow instructions or directions in regards to your dog, especially with regard to walking positions, can cause severe harm. Always review the instructions before moving on to new positions.

Thank you for buying the Hounds Design Harness.

The following steps can be followed or you can watch a video demonstration of how to put the Hounds Design Harness on your dog.

Before Using The 2 Hounds Design Harness

Please read and follow all of the instructions and warnings. Please do not use this product if your pet is aggressive or showing aggressive behavior.

  • Aggressive pets can be dangerous and cause severe injuries to their owners. If this product is not right for your pet, please ask your vet or a certified trainer.
  • On-lead training is an important part of a pet’s life, but you have to make sure to remain safe and that your pet has been taught from a young age what the rules are.
  • It is vital that you do not let your pet get away from your control during any training sessions.
  • Not for tie-out use.

How To Put On 2 Hounds Design Dog Harness

  1. Putting on
  2. Open snap buckle.
  3. Place RIGHT hand over harness label on B strap.
  4. The A side should go over the dog’s head and the strap will go onto his back. The label, which is on that side of the harness, should be facing you.

Strap Adjusting Order:

  1. for Side Ring Position:
  2. Back Strap
  3. Girth Strap
  4. Chest Strap(s)
  5. Do not check Chest strap fit with your hand.
  6. Focus on Side Ring position and adjust Chest
  7. strap slightly – if at all.

2 Hounds Design Dog Harness Washing Instructions

  1. Make sure all buckles are secured and if you have any extra luggage, store it separately.
  2. Hand wash in warm water, mild soap*
  3. Rinse thoroughly
  4. Hang dry
  5. Spot clean with a gentle brush or rag with soap & water for best results.

How Should a Dog Harness Fit?

A dog harness is a fairly generic item, with many different types to choose from. In general, it should be tight but not too tight.

The Hounds Design Dog Harness should be snug enough that they can’t get out of it, and the clip should sit around their chest area

It is important to have a snug fit on your dog’s harness. It should be comfortable but not tight, so that it can’t escape or do any harm. Ideally, there should be at least 2 fingers of space between the dog and the harness

Signs Your Dog’s Harness Isn’t Fitting Right

A dog’s harness is a vital part of walking your dog, which often slips our minds but is an important element in ensuring your dog’s safety.

When buying a new harness for your pet, it’s important to make sure the following items are checked off: is it firm and easy to put on/take off? Is the strap comfortable? Is it too tight or too loose? If you notice any of these signs, it’s probably time for a new harness.

  • If the harness feels too tight around your dog neck it might not be positioned properly and so you will want to adjust it until you find a comfortable position that fits.
  • The straps are either too short or too long
  • It seems rough to the touch
  • Putting on or taking off is difficult.

You need to find the right dog harness for your unique pet. Not all are tailor-made for size or weight, so ensure you find one that’s comfortable and snug. This will make it easier for them to walk along with you.

Wearing a tight bathing suit can be painful, especially if it digs into your skin. You should probably avoid going swimming if that’s the only bathing suit you have.

From your dog’s perspective, it isn’t worth wearing their uncomfortable harness in exchange for just going on a quick walk.

Why a Proper Fit Matters

Harnesses for dogs are generally made to fit very specifically. This can either be uncomfortable or dangerous on the skin and joints of a dog who is not fit, but it can also cause short-term medical problems too.

Restricting a dog’s natural movements can lead to unnecessary stress on their joints, bones, and muscles. This is why it is strongly recommended to avoid using a harness that is too tight or too small.

Safety & Comfort Tips When Dog is Wearing Harness:

Wearing a harness is a great way to help your dog feel safe and comfortable while walking on a leash. Here are some safety and comfort tips when your dog is wearing a harness:

• Safety for Unsafe Behaviors

• Not for restraint. (avoid pulling leash backward)

• Not for use as a tie-out.

• Not for use as a car harness.

• Not for on-leash running. Possible rubbing and chafing.

• Do not leave on puppies.

You Should Always Use a Harness Over a Collar When Walking Your Dog.

A dog harness is a great fit for dogs who pull on their leash or that like to escape, as well as for those in training. They are also good for lifting dogs.

When a dog pulls on a typical collar, they can end up blocking their airway and even cause damage. Pressure on the throat leads to breathing problems.

Harnesses are great against pressure around the neck and make it more comfortable for dogs that like to pull. Plus, they provide an extra level of safety because there is less contact with delicate areas.


2 Hounds understand that not every dog is the same size, which is why they have designed their Freedom No-Pull Harness to be adjustable and fit any pup from 14 lbs all the way up to 250+ lbs!