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Easy Rider Car Dog Harness Instructions

Easy Rider Car Dog Harness Instructions

IMPORTANT: Please read the Easy Rider Instructions in complete detail before assembling and using this car dog harness.

It is incredibly important to follow the Easy Rider Car Dog Harness instructions so you don’t hurt your pet. Make sure that you read & follow the instructions in order for your dog’s safety.

Thank you for buying the Easy Rider Car Dog Harness.

The following instructions can be followed or you can watch a video of how to put the Sassy Easy Rider Car Dog Harness on your dog.

Before Using The Easy Rider Car Dog Harness

Please make sure you read the rest of the manual, it is a very thorough guide. These products are not meant for pets that have violent behavior: aggressive animals such as dogs have been known to cause serious harm.

  • Aggressive pets can be dangerous and cause severe injuries to their owners. If this product is not right for your pet, please ask your vet or a certified trainer.
  • On-lead training is an important part of a pet’s life, but you have to make sure to remain safe and that your pet has been taught from a young age what the rules are.
  • It is vital that you do not let your pet get away from your control during any training sessions.
  • Not for tie-out use.

How To Put On Easy Rider Car Dog Harness

  1. With plastics buckle unfasten, open the harness and hold has illustrated.
  2. Facing your dog, slip the entire harness over the dog’s head.
  3. Reach between the straps and pull the dog’s leg through the loops (R) an (L).
  4. If necessary, adjust the neck (A) and girth (B) straps by moving the metal slides.
  5. When a comfortable fit is established, fasten the plastic buckle to secure the harness.
  6. Put the car seat belt through the harness loop (C) and fasten the seat belt buckle.

Note: Back seat location is recommended

By following the instruction above, your pet will have a comfortable ride in a safe and secure position.

Most dogs accept the Easy Rider Car Dog Harness very well. Some pets, however, need a little time to adjust to the fit of the harness. If this is the case with your dog follow these simple steps:

  • Before riding in your car allow the dog to wear the Easy Rider Car Dog Harness at home for a short time.
  • Repeat this step several times until pet becomes familiar with wearing the harness when going out.
  • Secure your dog in the car using the seatbelt for a short ride.
  • When going out in the car with your dog, soon your dog will become familiar with the Easy Rider Car Dog Harness.

Important Suggestions When Leaving Your Dog Alone In the Car

Most pets will wait patiently and comfortably while restrained in the harness until you return to the car however, if your dog has a tendency to become reckless or excited when left alone in the car please, release the seat belt before you leave and refasten it upon your return….before you resume driving.

Be certain that your dog has proper ventilation while left alone in the car. On hot days, the temperature inside a parked car can rise to dangerous levels in a very short amount of time.

In these conditions your pet should never be left alone in the car – not even for a short period of time.

Easy Rider Car Dog Harness Washing Instructions

  1. Make sure all buckles are secured and if you have any extra luggage, store it separately.
  2. Hand wash in warm water, mild soap*
  3. Rinse thoroughly
  4. Hang dry
  5. Spot clean with a gentle brush or rag with soap & water for best results.

How Should a Dog Harness Fit?

Buying a harness can be tricky, but try to think about what kind of experience you’d like when your dog is using it. Consider everything from the type of design to the construction & fit.

There are many types of products and designs for pets. They have different features, benefits and styles. Consider the way your pet likes to play or be treated when starting to shop around for ideas.

You shouldn’t find a harness that is too loose. Your dog should have enough room to not feel restricted but not enough for it to slip out of easily.

They should have at least 2 fingers of space between the harness & themselves in order to be comfortable.

Signs Your Dog’s Harness Isn’t Fitting Right

A harness for your dog is an important part of your daily routine to help keep them safe. You should make sure that you are thinking about it as the day goes by so you can complete your own safety plans for your furry friend.

When purchasing a new harness for your pet, it’s important to make sure the following items are checked off: is it firm and easy to put on/take off? Is the strap comfortable? Is it too tight or too loose? If you notice any of these signs, chances are your harness is too small.

  • If the harness feels too tight around your dog neck it might not be positioned properly and so you will want to adjust it until you find a comfortable position that fits.
  • The straps are either too short or too long
  • It seems rough to the touch
  • Putting on or taking off is difficult.

There are many kinds of dog harnesses for you and your pet to choose from, ranging in size and features.

Many of these harnesses prevent as much pressure from being placed on the dog’s neck as one would when wearing a collar.

Wearing a harness or leash for your next walk with your pet is a great idea. It helps minimize the risk of injuries and frustration. There are many designs to choose from, including adorable ones that can be personalized.

Easy Rider Car Dog Harness Size Chart

The Easy Rider Car Dog Harness Size Chart is handy when you’re choosing your best fit. Easily find the right size by determining measurement and corresponding size.

Are you looking to buy a dog harness? If so, this chart can help! This size will depend on your pet’s height, weight and girth.

Easy Rider Car Dog Harness size chart

Safety & Comfort Tips When Dog is Wearing Harness:

Some safety and comfort tips can help your dog feel more comfortable and safe when walking, whether their wearing a harness or not:

• Safety for Unsafe Behaviors

• Not for restraint. (avoid pulling leash backward)

• Not for use as a tie-out.

• Not for use as a car harness.

• Not for on-leash running. Possible rubbing and chafing.

• Do not leave on puppies.

What is The Safest Place For a Dog in a Car?

Most car owners know that a divider is the easiest way to secure their dog in the back seat of their vehicle. They make great use of space as well like on wagons and SUVs.

Just put your dog in the back of the car and it’ll be relatively safe from other people and their things.

Why should you buckle up your dog?

Your pet should always wear a proper harness when riding in the car because, if they are projected forward and hit a seat or windshield, they could be severely injured.

This is a great feature. In addition to keeping the dog safe in case of an accident, it will also keep them from running off or getting hurt during a panic-inducing situation.


Easy Rider understand that not every dog is the same size, which is why they have designed their Step-in Harness to be adjustable and fit any pup from a min weight of 14 lbs to 250+ lbs!