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top paw harness instructions

Top Paw Adjustable Dog Harness Instructions

IMPORTANT: Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly before assembling and using the Top Paw Adjustable Dog Harness.

It is important to always follow the instructions provided with your dog’s harness. Improper use of the harness, for example mis-positioning your dog in a position wrong for that particular step, could cause some serious harm to your dog.

Thank you for purchasing the Top Paw Dog Harness.

Here are some instructions on how to use the Top Paw Dog Harness. You can click the link to watch a video for a more detailed process of the harnesses features.

Before Using The Top Paw Dog Harness

Please be sure to follow all of the instructions and warnings in the user manual. Please don’t use this product if your pet is aggressive or has another form of behaviour that could lead to aggression.

  • Aggressive pets can be dangerous and cause severe injuries to their owners. If this product is not right for your pet, please ask your vet or a certified trainer.
  • On-lead training is an important part of a pet’s life, but you have to make sure to remain safe and that your pet has been taught from a young age what the rules are.
  • It is vital that you do not let your pet get away from your control during any training sessions.
  • Not for tie-out use.

How To Put On Top Paw Dog Harness

Step 1: Adjust the head loop

You should adjust the loop at the front of the harness to fit your dog. There are two plastic sliders on either side of the loop for easy adjustment. Fit the loop over your dog’s head and shoulder, then bring it between your pet’s front legs.

Step 2: Adjust the torso strap

Place one hand underneath the dog’s front legs and with your other hand, use your fingers to pull the webbing that is sticking out between its back legs backward.

Using your other hand, slip one end of the unbuckled strap through the eye sewn into the end of it.

You need to pull the straps on either side of the dog so that they can be pushed through the eye sewn into its spine strap.

Step 3: Connect the torso strap

The two ends of the straps should be joined together to make a loop, Snap the square buckle pieces onto each other to secure the harness in place.

Step 4: Ensure a proper fit

Find the plastic sliders and adjust them so each goes around its corresponding side of the neck to make a snug fit.

To ensure proper fit, you’ll need to adjust the single slider on the torso strap.

Be sure to get a harness that’s NOT too tight. As you should be able to slide two fingers between your dog’s body and the one you’re about to put on, it should not pinch or trap them in any way.

Signs Your Dog’s Harness Isn’t Fitting Right

A harness can be a great part of your daily routine, getting it for your pet is easy. Keep the safety of your furry best friend in mind by getting them one often.

  • If the harness feels too tight around your dog neck it might not be positioned properly and so you will want to adjust it until you find a comfortable position that fits.
  • The straps are either too short or too long
  • It seems rough to the touch
  • Putting on or taking off is difficult.

There are a number of dog harnesses available for your pup that may be more comfortable and safer than a traditional collar.

Choosing the right one can improve walking with your furry friend and also prevent injuries.

Top Paw Dog Harness Size Chart

You can better find the right size of this harness by looking at their chart and all the measurements they offer.

For information on harness sizing, please see this visualization of recommended sizes.

top paw harness size chart

Why a Proper Fit Matters

Depending on your individual needs, you must determine which type of harness fits your dog best and at the best price.

However, these harnesses have potential to cause short term medical problems if fitted improperly.

It is important for them not to be constrained. A harness that is too tight might cause discomfort or even unnecessary stress.

Top Paw Adjustable Dog Harness Washing Instructions

  1. Make sure all buckles are secured and if you have any extra luggage, store it separately.
  2. Hand wash in warm water, mild soap*
  3. Rinse thoroughly
  4. Hang dry
  5. Spot clean with a gentle brush or rag with soap & water for best results.

Safety & Comfort Tips When Dog is Wearing Harness:

Walking your dog is a great way to improve his health and your own. These are some tips you can follow which make walks more comfortable, safer and stress-free for both you and your pet.

• Safety for Unsafe Behaviors

• Not for restraint. (avoid pulling leash backward)

• Not for use as a tie-out.

• Not for use as a car harness.

• Not for on-leash running. Possible rubbing and chafing.

• Do not leave on puppies.

You Should Always Use a Harness Over a Collar When Walking Your Dog.

A dog harness is a useful item for all types of dogs. They can be effective in training your pooch and stopping it from tugging on the leash, just to name a couple.

If you don’t teach your dog proper manners/train it properly, it can start choking on its own collar. This could lead to life-threatening breathing issues.

Harnesses are great for walks with dogs as well as being offered if you have a slower dog or one that is older. They provide increased safety and make it easier for them to move around.


no matter how big or small your pet may be, Top paw has always been willing to adapt.

They designed their harness to be adjustable so you can easily fit your pet, as well as not harming them while they are having fun!