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Hills Science Diet Dog Food Discontinued

Is Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food Discontinued? (With Alternatives)

We often hear rumors about Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food being discontinued and whether or not they’re in trouble with suppliers or regulators about their products.

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning letter to Hill’s Pet Nutrition after an investigation following the recall of dog food where toxic amounts of vitamin D were found.

Hill’s Science recently discontinued flavors of their canned dog food, but still provides a variety of different dry foods for your pets.

In this article, we discuss the following: – Why some people think Hill’s Science Diet has been discontinued – Options when it is unavailable – Alternative products

Is There A Recall On Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food?

On January 31, Hill’s Science Dog Food issued a recall of many of its products because they may have had elevated levels of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D has many important effects on your dog’s health, but too much overtime can lead to serious problems, including renal failure.

The recalled dog food is only from specific brands, and does not affect dry food or treats. There are no cat products in this recall also.

Hills Science is a company dedicated to providing the safest and most reliable products. They take special precautions to ensure only safe items are sold in their stores.

In rare instances when a product needs to be recalled, they can quickly remove it from shelves for maximum safety.

Here at Dog Carrier Haven, we always encourage pet owners to keep an eye on pet food recalls. This ensures that their dogs are safe and healthy.

What Hill’s Science Dog Food Is Being Recalled?

The following is a list of Hill’s Science products that have had a recall history. The products are listed here for informational purposes in order to help you find out if the item is still on the market or not.

  1. Hill’s Prescription Diet Multicare Canine Chicken & Vegetable Stew 12.5oz
  2. Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine Chicken & Vegetable Stew 12.5oz
  3. Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine Chicken & Vegetable Stew 5.5oz
  4. Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine 5.5oz
  5. Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine 13oz
  6. Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility Canine Vegetable & Tuna Stew 12.5oz
  7. Hill’s Prescription Diet Low Fat Canine Rice, Vegetable & Chicken Stew
  8. Hill’s Prescription Diet Derm Defense Canine Chicken & Vegetable Stew
  9. Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Small & Toy Breed Chicken & Barley Entrée Dog Food 5.8oz
  10. Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Chicken & Barley Entrée 13oz
  11. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Chicken & Barley Entrée Dog Food 13 oz
  12. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Turkey & Barley Dog Food 13 oz
  13. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Chicken & Beef Entrée Dog Food 13 oz
  14. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Light with Liver Dog Food 13 oz
  15. Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Chicken & Barley Entrée Dog Food 13 oz
  16. Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Beef & Barley Entrée Dog Food 13 oz
  17. Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Turkey & Barley Entrée 13oz
  18. Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Healthy Cuisine Braised Beef, Carrots & Peas Stew dog food 12.5oz
  19. Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Youthful Vitality Chicken & Vegetable Stew dog food 12.5oz

What Happened To Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food?

Hill’s Science Diet and Hill’s Prescription Diet wet pet foods have been discontinued due to availability issues.

What To Do If Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food Discontinued?

If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, contact customer service to see if they’ll be able to help you. They might be able to offer it to you through their website, or otherwise locate one for you.

Here’s a tip to help you decide: Look for products that are similar to the one that you have used before.

Different dogs have different dietary requirements so you’ll need to see what other foods are available in your region and do research. That said, every dog differs so you’ll need to see what is the right diet for your pet.

Where Can I Buy Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food?

Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food is a brand of dog food that provides the necessary nutrients for healthy and happy dogs.

There are many alternatives to Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food, so finding the right one for your pet can be a bit difficult.

You can purchase similar brands to Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food at many different pet stores, such as Petsmart, Petco, and Walmart. You can also buy it on Amazon.

What Is The Difference Between Hills Prescription Diet And Science Diet Dog Food?

Prescription Diet dog food is designed to improve a number of medical conditions, including: arthritis, liver disease, kidney or urinary tract disease or diabetes.

Science Diet provides dog food for different life stages and for maintaining a healthy diet.

Is Hills Science Good For Dogs?

Some people have a hard time believing that Hill’s Science Diet is good for dogs. One of the most common arguments against this dog food is that it’s too high in protein and fat, which can lead to obesity.

The truth is that protein and fat are not bad for dogs. They are essential for their diet. And unlike humans, who can get these nutrients from many different sources, dogs need to eat animal-based proteins and fats in order to meet their nutritional needs.

Hills Science Diet does not use any artificial flavors or preservatives in their food, which means it’s less likely to cause an allergic reaction in your dog than other brands of dog food on the market today.

Is Hills Science Bad For Your Dog?

The Hills Science Diet dog food has been accused of being bad for dogs. This section of the article will discuss the pros and cons of the Hill’s Science Diet to see if it is really safe for your dogs.

Some people claim that their dogs have experienced health problems like weight gain and increased thirst after eating the Hills Science Diet.

Some people also claim that their dogs had an allergic reaction to the food and suffered from diarrhea, vomiting, and excessive shedding.

However, not all people are convinced that this food is bad for your dog. They argue that it may be more likely due to other factors such as poor quality ingredients in other foods or improper feeding habits of the owner rather than the diet itself.

In conclusion, there are both pros and cons to eating this type of food, but the good far outweigh the bad.

How Long Can A Dog Be On Hill’s Science Prescription Diet?

Hill’s Prescription Diet r/d Dry Dog Food is designed to be fed intermittently only and should not be used as a long-term food (over 6 months).

It’s important to consult your vet before you start feeding your pet Prescription Diet. It will help make sure that the food is appropriate for their specific needs and can help them have an enjoyable life.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still unsure about anything, you might want to check out these FAQs from Hill’s Science Diet.

Can You Feed Hills I’d Long Term?

Hills I’d is suitable for long-term feeding, but your veterinarian can help decide if it’s needed.

Why Is Hills Science Dog Food So Expensive?

Hill’s only use high quality ingredients in their pet foods that are sourced from food grade manufacturers.

They don’t use any cheap fillers such as bone, feathers, or grass. So you know the ingredients they’re using are higher quality!

Is Hill’s Science Diet Owned By Purina?

Purina and Hill’s Science Diet are not the same company. Purina is a pet food company while Hill’s Science Diet is a dog food brand owned by Colgate-Palmolive.

Colgate-Palmolive owns the following brands: Hill’s Science Diet, Prescription Diet, Ideal Balance and Healthy Advantage.

Does Walmart Carry Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food?

The answer is yes, Walmart does carry Hill’s Science Diet dog food. It can be found in the pet aisle of most stores and comes in a variety of flavors and formulas.

Is Hill’s Science Dog Food Made In The USA?

Hill’s Science Diet dog food is made in the USA. The company’s headquarters is in Topeka, Kansas.

How Much Hill’s Science Dog Food Should A Dog Eat?

Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food is a nutritious food that provides the right balance of nutrients for your dog. The amount of food should depend on your dog’s weight, age, activity level and breed.

Feeding your dog depends on the age. Younger dogs need more food than adults, while older dogs need less.

For most people, there is no magic number of daily feedings – adjust your dog’s diet as needed. Dog years 1 to 7 feed your dog two half-portions a day.

Has Hill’s Science Changed Formula?

Hill’s Science is also changing their dry and wet formulas to make their dog food even more appealing.

In addition to changes in shape, color, and size, they have started including nutrient dense ingredients like omega-3 & prebiotics.


Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food is the top selling brand in pet food and can only be obtained directly from the manufacturer. Counterfeit food is of poor quality and can be dangerous for your dog.

Our readers have been following Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food for a long time and we continue to stay up-to-date with when it’s available and not available.

In this article, we go over some dog food alternatives. If you are looking for healthy and nutritious dog food.