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Crave Dog Food Discontinued

Is Crave Wet or Dry Dog Food Discontinued? (With Alternatives)

We often hear rumors about Crave dog food and whether or not they’re in trouble. It turns out they were just following market trends and discontinued their wet food flavors only, while still providing a wide variety of dry foods.

You may have noticed recently that Crave were unable to stock wet dog food. This is because production of wet dog food has slowed down due to supplies issues.

In this article we cover the reasons why people think Crave dog food has been discontinued, what to do when it is unavailable, and other products that are similar.

Has Crave Dog Food Ever Been Recalled?

Crave dog food is new and has not been recalled. As with any dog food, even pet products, there are failures and recalls.

But Crave is doing well to stay true to its promise of quality in that it has not been involved in a single recall so far.

Crave is dedicated to ensuring the safety of their products. They’re quick to remove any recalled items from their store shelves.

Here at Dog Carrier Haven, we always encourage owners to be vigilant about recalls of pet food brands. This helps ensure their pets remain safe and healthy.

What Crave Dog Food is Being Discontinued?

I’ll list below the following varieties of dog food offered by Crave. You can check if any of these products are discontinued on the market.

1. Crave Wet Dog Food

Crave Wet Dog Food has been discontinued. It is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, and grain-free wet dog food with a novel protein blend consisting of duck, chicken, turkey, and lamb.

The food is designed to be a complete and balanced meal for adult dogs and puppies. It is made without any artificial colors or flavors and contains no added sugar or salt.

It comes in both canned (12 oz) and dry (5 lb) options.

2. Crave Canned Dog Food

The Crave Canned Dog Food has been revamped with a new line of dry food. The new line will be available in three flavors: turkey, chicken and beef.

3. Crave Dry Dog Food

Crave Dry Dog Food has not been discontinued. The company is still manufacturing the dry dog food, which is available in three flavors: beef and rice, lamb and rice, and turkey and rice.

The company says that Crave Dry Dog Food is a niche product for pet owners who wanted to feed their dogs a grain-free diet.

What To Do If Crave Dog Food Discontinued?

If the product you’re looking for can’t be found in your local area, contact customer service to see if it’s available to order online or elsewhere.

Here’s a tip to help you decide: Check out what other people like you are buying! The more similar to the product you want, the easier it will be for you.

Research what you want to feed your pup. But every animal has different dietary needs and they all vary from one another.

One of the best things about bulldogs is that they can eat pretty much anything. While wet food is necessary for American bulldogs, some owners may also feed their dogs dry food in some circumstances.

Where Can I Buy Crave Dog Food?

The first question that a customer might ask is where can I buy Crave dog food? There are many places to buy Crave dog food, but the most popular place to buy is Amazon. Amazon has a wide selection of products for sale, and it offers free shipping.

Many people have heard of Amazon. It is one of the most popular online retailers in the world. Customers can find anything from books to electronics to pet supplies on Amazon.

Crave Dog Food is one of the best dog foods on the market but can be difficult to find. You can order it online or use these alternative brands instead:

  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food
  • Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food
  • Purina Pro Plan with Probiotics
  • Purina Beyond Natural Dry Dog Food
  • Nature’s Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food

Is Crave Dog Food Good For German Shepherds?

A lot of people are wondering if Crave Dog Food is good for German Shepherds. The answer to this question is yes.

German Shepherds are very active dogs, so they need a lot of protein and nutrients. These can be found in Crave Dog Food, but they may not be the best option for some dogs who have specific dietary needs.

Can Dogs Eat Crave Cat Food?

Cat food typically has a higher protein content than dog food. This may be why dog owners often find their dogs eating the dry kibble – the scent of meat is so strong.

However, even if your dog likes the taste, that doesn’t mean you should give them a full bowl of it – they require more protein than cats do and feeding them too much cat food can let them become sick and underweight.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still unsure about anything, you might want to check out these FAQs from Crave.

Is Crave Pet Food High In Protein?

Crave Dog Dry is a high-protein dog food with no grains, which makes it gluten-free and perfect for dogs who have food allergies. It’s also made with high quality animal protein that dogs think tastes delicious!

How Much Crave Dog Food Should I Feed My Dog?

There are a number of factors that can affect the amount of Crave dog food a dog needs in order to maintain a healthy weight. These factors include the breed, size, age, and activity level of the dog.

The table below shows how many Crave dog you need to feed your dog daily in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Daily Feeding Amount:

Dogs who weigh 30 lbs feed 1 1/2 cups per day

Dogs who weigh 40 lbs feed 1 3/4 cups per day

Dogs who weigh 50 lbs feed 2 cups per day

Dogs who weigh 70 lbs feed 2 2/3 cups per day

Keep your dog’s weight under control by adjusting their diet and giving them plenty of water and exercise. Visit the vet regularly. Keep the food dry or lightly moistened.

Is Crave Pet Food Grain Free?

Crave Dog Food uses only high-quality, identifiable meat products as a dominant source of animal protein, earning them 5 stars.

Does Crave Pet Food Have Taurine?

Crave Dog Food does contain taurine, which is an amino acid that is important for the normal functioning of a dog’s retina, heart, and central nervous system.

What Are The Ingredients In Crave Dog Food?

Beef, Chicken Meal, Split Peas, Lentils, Pork Meal, Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Pea Starch, Fish Meal, Dried Chicken, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Natural Flavor, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Choline Chloride, Citric Acid (preservative), Mixed Tocopherols (preservative)

Where Is Crave Pet Food Manufactured?

Crave pet food is manufactured in North America. It contains ingredients that are sourced elsewhere in the world.

Crave mention that they carefully choose their ingredients, but they also source some of the substances used in their pet foods from China.

Is Crave Dog Food Made In Australia?

Where are Crave dog food formulas made? Australian Crave formulas are manufactured in Australia by Mars Petcare.


Crave Dog Food is in high demand and you need to get a reliable source if you’re going to buy it from someplace other than the manufacturer. Counterfeit food usually doesn’t have quality ingredients and can be harmful for your dog.

Our readers have been keeping up-to-date on Crave dog food for years, and we stay in the know when it’s not available to purchase.

In our article, we have listed a number of alternatives to your dog’s current diet. We hope that this will help you finding the right food for your dog.