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Is Taste Of The Wild Canned Dog Food Discontinued? (With Alternatives)

There are rumors circulating that Taste Of The Wild canned dog food might be discontinued.

It turns out that these rumors are false, as Amazon and other online retailers still carries the product.

Taste Of The Wild recently stated the production of their canned dog food varieties has been temporarily suspended because they are unable to get supplies due to their previous lawsuits.

This article will discuss the thinking behind people’s assertions that Taste of the Wild canned dog food has been discontinued, what to do if it doesn’t seem to be available in stores, and some alternative products that might be a good fit.

Has Taste Of The Wild Canned Dog Food Ever Been Recalled?

Yes, there was a single Taste of the Wild recall. It was about 7 years ago, and it caused a lot of panic in the dog food industry.

In 2012, thousands of units of Taste of the Wild dog food were recalled due to salmonella contamination.

Diamond Pet Foods has recently been accused of making salmonella-contaminated pet food that ended up infecting dozens of people and animals with the illness during a multistate outbreak.

Whenever there’s a recall, we always encourage our readers to keep an eye out for it so they can be sure their pets stay safe and healthy.

How Do You Know That A Product Has Been Discontinued?

Check the brand website to find out, then. If they’re not manufacturing it anymore, it has most likely been discontinued

You can keep an eye on the company’s social media posts, or use other channels, like blogs, YouTube and Instagram.

For more details and/or to ask a question, please call Taste of the Wild customer service.

A product’s availability depend on the following factors:

  • A lot of people have been asking about this product lately. The best thing to do is to contact the manufacturer or seller to find out if they have any left.
  • If the product you’re interested in is no longer available, take a look at alternative products.

What To Do If Taste Of The Wild Canned Dog Food Discontinued?

If the product you’re looking for isn’t available in your local area, try checking the company’s customer service team to find out if it’s available online or through other retailers.

Here’s a tip to help you decide: You can also see what other items are available if you’re looking for something similar to what you’ve used before.

Make sure you know what your pet’s type is and then look up their dietary requirements. Every dog needs are different.

All dogs are different and need food that is tailored to their breed. American bulldogs, for example, may eat wet or dry food and sometimes both.

Where To Buy Taste Of The Wild Canned Dog Food Alternatives

The Taste of the Wild canned dog food alternatives are an excellent choice for people who don’t want to feed their dogs with processed foods.

They contain all the necessary nutrients that a dog needs and they are also gluten-free, which is a plus for people with celiac disease.

The Taste of the Wild canned dog food alternatives are sold on Amazon, Chewy, and other pet stores.

If you can’t find Taste Of The Wild Canned Dog Food, use one of these alternative brands instead.

  • Costco Kirkland Canned Dog Food
  • Purina Pro Plan Sport – High Protein Wet Dog Food
  • Pedigree Chopped Ground Dinner Wet Dog Food
  • IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Puppy & Senior Wet Dog Food
  • Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Healthy Weight Formula Adult Dry Dog Food & Wet Dog Food

Why is There a Shortage on Taste Of The Wild Dog Food?

Taste of the Wild has posted on their social media that their supplier can’t meet customer demand, leading to a shortage of canned dog food.

They’re getting new canned products to warehouses for distribution and trying to ensure that there are always plenty available at stores.

What is Wrong With Taste Of The Wild Dog Food?

As per the FDA, Taste of the Wild contains heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. For example, Taste of the Wild contains pesticides, acrylamide and BPA.

Your pet might be exposed to excess toxins. This exposure can lead to disorders and health problems.

Is Taste of The Wild Dog Food Safe Now?

Taste of the Wild strives to provide a safe and nutritious line of pet foods. They take into account specific nutritional requirements and create dog food recipes with animal nutritionists and veterinarians, providing them with a valuable service that adheres to strict quality standards.

Taste Of The Wild Canned Dog Food ingredients

Whitefish, fish broth, turkey broth, water sufficient for processing, turkey, turkey liver, dried egg whites, salmon, dried ground peas, potatoes, peas, potato starch, guar gum, natural flavor, salt, pea protein, sodium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate, potassium chloride, inulin, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, blueberries, raspberries, calcium carbonate, taurine, choline chloride, yucca schidigera extract, zinc amino acid chelate, iron amino acid chelate, xanthan gum, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin E supplement, copper amino acid chelate, manganese amino acid chelate, sodium selenite, cobalt amino acid chelate, niacin supplement, d-calcium pantothenate, vitamin A supplement, riboflavin supplement, biotin, vitamin B12 supplement, potassium iodide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid.

Is Taste Of The Wild Good For Dogs With Allergies?

Dogs who suffer from allergies often have a hard time finding foods that fit the criteria for their sensitivities.

Taste of the Wild Prey Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Dog Food is hypoallergenic and rich in antioxidants which provide valuable health benefits.

This dog food is made from all-natural ingredients and without any artificial flavours or preservatives. It also contains no wheat, corn, or soy – making it a perfect choice for those with allergies.

Is Taste Of The Wild Good For Sensitive Stomachs?

Taste of the Wild is good for dogs with sensitive stomachs, as it includes uncommon protein sources like venison, lamb, quail, and duck.

It’s a better choice than more common proteins like chicken and beef that some dogs may struggle to digest.

The recipe includes probiotics, prebiotics, and antioxidants to promote a healthy immune system and digestion.

How Long Does Taste of The Wild Dog Food Last?

Taste of the Wild is a brand of high quality dog food that lasts up to its expiration date stamped on the bag without spoiling.

The best way to store the dog food is inside a cabinet. The shelf life of Taste of The Wild Dog Food is up to 6-8 weeks of opening the bag.

Dog foods are much more prone to spoil when they’re exposed to four elements: air, light, hot temperatures, and humidity. Exposure to these elements speeds up the rate at which they degrade.

Taste Of The Wild Lawsuits

Recently, several class-action lawsuits have been filed over alleged salmonella contamination. with Taste of the Wild dog food.

What Was The Outcome Of The Taste Of The Wild Lawsuit?

You may be entitled to a cash rebate because you purchased specified items between March 12, 2017 and May 3, 2021. If your purchase was made through wholly natural means there’s no need to worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers from the Taste of Wild product FAQ.

Who Owns Taste Of The Wild Dog Food?

Taste of the Wild is made by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc. Schell and Kampeter, Inc. is the other company that owns them. Taste of the Wild is privately held by one family.

Is Taste Of The Wild Good For Senior Dogs?

Taste of the Wild has a variety of flavors their kibble comes in, and this one is one of the most popular. Some people use it for their puppies, transitioning them to adult food as they get older.

The wet food is delicious and can be a tasty addition to your pet’s normal food. It’s also an excellent choice for senior dogs or those that chew through their kibble too quickly.

Is Taste Of The Wild A Good Dog Food For Pitbulls?

Our favorite dog food for a pitbull is Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dog Food with Roasted Venison and Bison.

This delicious formula has a mouth-watering meaty taste that your pup can’t wait to have again. It’s high in protein, grain-free, and provides a unique flavor your pup will love.

Is Taste Of The Wild Aafco Approved?

The answer to this question is yes, Taste of the Wild foods are aafco approved. They are a member of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (aafco).

This means they have met the standards required by this organization to make sure that their products are safe for animals to consume.

Does Taste of The Wild Have Taurine?

Taurine is a non-essential amino acid that is important for the prevention of heart disease and high blood pressure, as well as for the regulation of water and electrolyte balance.

The answer to this question is no, Taste of The Wild does not have taurine.

Is Taste of The Wild Dog Food Human Grade?

The answer to this question is yes. Taste of The Wild Dog Food uses only the highest quality ingredients in their products, which are sourced from human grade sources.

Every cup of Taste of the Wild contains live, active cultures that support digestion and help pets live an energetic lifestyle.

Does Taste Of The Wild Have Fillers?

Taste Of The Wild dog food is made with no corn, wheat, fillers or artificial flavors. It also contains a probiotic that helps to prevent digestive issues and protein for 30% of your dog diet.

Is Taste Of The Wild Dog Food High In Sodium?

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Adult Food is a dog food, with a sodium content of 70 mg per 100k calories.

This grain-free diet includes a number of protein sources, including salmon. It also helps your dog absorb nutrients more easily by adding vitamins what you typically find in fruits and vegetables.

Is Taste Of The Wild Dog Food NON GMO?

Taste of the Wild dog food is made of all GMO-free ingredients and doesn’t have any artificial colors or flavors. The recipes also don’t have by-product meals or rendered meats

Is All Taste Of The Wild Dog Food Grain-Free?

All Taste of the Wild dog & cat foods are grain-free formulations that provide complete nutritional needs for health, vitality & weight management.

Does Taste Of The Wild Dog Food Contain BHA?

Taste of the Wild dog food does not contain BHA or BHT

Ingredients for this dog food can be found on the nutritional info tab as well as the description tab next to the product photos on Taste of the Wild website.

Does Taste Of The Wild Cause Heart Problems With Dogs?

Acana, Zignature and Taste of the Wild reported more than 50 cases each between Jan. 1, 2014 and April 30th.

The FDA made a statement saying that 16 commercially available pet foods each have more than 10 reports of DCM in dogs which are most likely linked to their diet.

Where Is Taste Of The Wild Canned Dog Food Made?

The Taste of the Wild canned dog food is manufactured in six facilities in the US, two of which are located in California and one each are located in Missouri, Arkansas, South Carolina and Kansas.

The company’s priority is to only provide ingredients of a quality rank we would be pleased with. Sometimes, these ingredients come from our international suppliers.

Does Taste Of The Wild Use Ingredients From China?

Most of the ingredients found in Taste of the Wild dog food are sourced in the US. A few ingredients not available domestically are imported from overseas suppliers

The lamb is sourced from New Zealand, the potato protein comes from Germany, the chicory is from Belgium, and the nutrients are from China.


Buying Taste Of The Wild dog food is essential if you want to protect your pet’s wellbeing. There are many counterfeit products on the market so it’s vital to make sure you’re getting a quality food.

Our readers have read about Taste Of The Wild Canned Dog Food for years and we stay up-to-date when it is unavailable.

In this article, I have provided a list of alternatives to your dog’s current diet. We hope these will be helpful for you.